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ATVS is a Staffing and Recruitment Services company that specializes in providing staffing and recruitment solutions to businesses and organizations. Our services include sourcing and screening potential job candidates, conducting interviews and assessments, and assisting with the on boarding process. We work with a variety of industries and job types, from entry-level positions to executive roles with a main goal of helping clients find qualified and skilled candidates to fill their employment needs, while also supporting job seekers in finding opportunities that align with their skills and experience.

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Manpower planning - This is the first step in the process of staffing which is concerned with determining the number and types of staff required for the organization.

Employment of personnel - It involves recruitment and selection of individuals as needed in the organization. It includes receiving and screening of applications, employment tests, interview and medical examination of candidates by the company technical recruiter.

Placement – Placement is a very important process as it can ensure ‘right person doing the right job’. When a new employee reports for duty, he/ she have to be placed on the job for which he/ she is best suited.

Induction – Induction is the process of introducing or orienting a newly appointed employee to the organization after completion of recruitment process.

Training – Systematic training helps in expanding the abilities and information on employees in taking care of their job. Different techniques for training can be utilized to improve the knowledge and skills of the employees.

Compensation – Remuneration of workers involves fixation of their pay rates and salaries depending upon their level, nature of work, degree of risk involved, etc.

Performance Appraisal – It is concerned with the rating or evaluation of the performance of the employees. Transfer and promotion of the staff is generally based on performance appraisal.