Sumit Arigapudi

Founder & Board Member ATVS LLC, ATVS India

Sumit Arigapudi with 25+ years of Entrepreneur leadership experience and, a commitment to cutting-edge solutions redefine the landscape of industrial analytics, a visionary founder of American Tech Vision Solutions, Sumit established & leads an exceptional team dedicated to creating the world's premier cloud-native, self-service applications specifically designed for at-scale industrial analytics. Beyond his role as a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, Sumit is committed to leveraging his extensive experience to drive businesses toward lasting success.

His entrepreneurial prowess extends to a diverse portfolio, contributing to a tapestry of innovation and excellence. As Founder and board Member of ATVSLLC, based out of Houston Tx USA, he is responsible for Strategic Investments and planning, Funds management and planning, Group Finance and Business management portfolios, apart from group growth initiatives ensuring ATVS Group creates assets and Wealth keeping ATVS Group Steady Stable Sustainable.

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Chakravarthy S Vemuri

Chief Executive Officer

Chakravarthy S Vemuri known as “Chaks” in his Professional Circles is an IT Business Leader with more than 33+ years of Industry Experience in Sales, Service Delivery, end to end IT Services Org management. Chaks is known for his uninterrupted energy, Quick-data-driven decisions, mentoring teams, Empower, Delegate, and Transparency being his leadership style with the People 1st Approach.

As CEO based out of India, he manages ATVS LLC's overall Group Growth in Revenue, Headcount, +veP&L, full-fledged services Portfolios, Customer Success, and Employee well-being. His agility in bringing transformational change & establishing and driving ATVS LLC Services portfolios helps improve Customer Growth and be part of Customer Success.

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Purna Kumar

Board Member and Director Offshore Development Center, ATVS India

Purna Kumar Arigapudi, a Bachelor of Technology graduate in computer science, is a versatile entrepreneur involved in various sectors with strong Business and Finance acumen. With a strong pharmaceutical industry experience coupled with his other business investment interests, he brings strategic insights and leadership drive to manage ATVS India successfully. Holding the position of Managing Director at ATVS offshore development center in India, he oversees operations with a focus on innovation and efficiency apart from a complete ownership of ATVS India Finance Management and Operations. Purna's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence mark him as a dynamic force in both technology and business.

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Senior Vice President ATVS India

A 40+ years of experience in managing large IT Consulting Organizations as HR professional with expertise in operations and finance. Widely regarded for his versatile skill set encompassing strategic planning, problem-solving, team building, HR practices, recruitment, and comprehensive people and project management, he is a proven leader in achieving organizational goals. His commitment extends to refining quality processes, elevating customer service standards, and optimizing operational costs with a keen focus on resource efficiency. As an integral member of the leadership team, Mr. Ramachandran's strategic vision and hands-on approach make him an invaluable asset, steering the organization toward sustained success in the dynamic realms of operations and finance. As Sr Vice President of ATVS India, he heads India Operations supporting ATVS LLC for HR and Recruitment functions with India ODC management for domestic clients.

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Murali Krishna Chemuturi

Advisor to ATVS Board

Mr. Murali Krishna Chemuturi, Advisor to ATVS Board, is a software development expert and accomplished author of ten books. With a career spanning Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Tata Consultancy Services, Metamor Global Solutions, and VistaareBusinesses Private Limited etc. Rising from a humble position to Vice President of a software development organization, Murali is recognized for pioneering work in Test Effort Estimation. He is the first one to suggest that programming work is amenable to productivity measurement and productivity improvement. His contributions include innovative methodologies like Software Size Units, Software Test Units, and Composite Product Quality Ratings, detailed in his publications. He is the first Indian to develop new measures for Software products without using the complexity factors and also developed new definitions of “Software Estimation”, “Software Quality” and “Excellence”, adopted in 60+ universities across 20 countries globally. As an Advisor to the ATVS Board, he mentors the leadership team in building strong and effective organization processes that help to deliver better quality software products and services to all ATVS customers.