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Companies are susceptible to a large number of security vulnerabilities because of insufficient, improperly integrated, or poorly maintained systems.

In order to provide cyber security that adds value to their core business and enables them to reap digital dividends, ATVS partners with organizations to help them fulfill their cyber security needs, regardless of the type of activity, the level of confidentiality of their data, or any country - by - country regulatory standards.

We work to ensure a 360-degree approach to cyber protection so you can concentrate on running your business worry-free.

Cyber Security

If you choose managed cyber security, you can access to:

Advanced security solutions: Include patch management, managed firewalls, anti-malware software, IDSs, web filtering, access control, MFA, and IDSs.

Security information and event management (SIEM): SIEM tracks security-related incidents within your IT environment, such as failed logins or suspicious downloads. It then analyses the incident and generates comprehensive security reports.

Dedicated security analysts: ATVS experts locate significant holes in your infrastructure and suggest fixes to lessen the risk of a security breach.

Threat hunting: Threats that evade current security measures are deliberately sought out and isolated by security specialists.

Incident response and investigation: When a breach happens, ATVS security experts address the issue right away, evaluate the damage, and determine where the attack came from.