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With the help of ATVS's business intelligence and data warehousing services, clients may effectively harness data and gain insightful business acumen.

With our in-depth domain expertise and wealth of experience in business intelligence and data warehousing, we deliver valuable solutions that help international firms improve decision-making and company performance

ATVS help our clients throughout the entire BI/DWprojects including technical need assessments, roadmaps,implementations, training, maintenance and much more

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What We Do

Collect Data: Depending on a company's needs and resources, we collect data from a variety of data sources, including CRM, ERP, databases, files, and APIs.

Integrate Data: We extract data and feed it into a data warehouse when it is gathered by dispersed systems. We obtain data from outside sources while guaranteeing that these sources are not harmed by performance problems or other problems. We guarantee that the data is pure and ready to be loaded into a data warehouse.

Store and Analyze Data: In a data warehouse, operations like data cleansing, metadata management, data dissemination, storage management, recovery, and backup planning are carried out after data has been saved, whereas business intelligence uses tools that concentrate on statistics, visualization, and data mining.

Organize and Distribute: We produce actionable insights for an organization's operational and strategic efficiency by developing business dashboards or analytical reports. This procedure is supported by the data warehouse, which also enables the overall design. We exchange knowledge and give key insights to stakeholders in order to achieve sustainable corporate growth.