SAAS & Cloud Computing


Reinventing the business structure, cloud computing has changed our entire approach towards technology. Most businesses today have undergone a colossal change in their workforce and customers, and the only way to meet the business needs is to foster innovations that are challenging, and efficient for the business. The Cloud Computing technology is built to deliver efficiencies and advantages that cultivate innovation and ensures marketplace benefits.

The Cloud system can be separated into two key components:


Cloud Management Platform (CMP): A set of technologies, CMP facilitates the client portal (web based or APIs) in requesting services from its Provider. This system uses automation, orchestration and sustaining mechanics for service delivery.

Cloud Resource Pools (CRP or Pods): It is a set of technologies that computes and stores. The network infrastructure, applications and middleware is coalesced to provide IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS provisions. A discreet technology forms the service components of CRP.

Cost effective, Collaborative and Communicative Cloud Computing

Services based on Cloud meets the requirements of both the customer and the employees. Bringing real and immediate value to the enterprise, Cloud offers to enhance the operational functions and thereby cater to the demands of the user. The collaborative work environment ensures dynamic setting that offers computation, data storage, and software services. Cloud infrastructure of American Tech Vision Solutions LLC, Inc. enables reduction of costs and downtime and consolidation of the resources.

Speed and flexibility


According to the needs of the client, American Tech Vision Solutions LLC recommends private, hybrid or public Clouds. Cloud Computing materialized as the platform that manages next generation infrastructure environments. Formulation of new services is easy, as no hardware needs to be set-up. Cloud accelerates rapid prototyping, thereby initiating faster responses to the business demands. It easily shifts from fixed to variable components, enabling flexibility within the framework.

Analysis with strategic alignment


As individuals and businesses embrace the digital technology, organizations are undergoing evolution that reevaluates the end-users. This is achievable with the ubiquitous Cloud, which enables development of business solutions that are operating models primed for this technical era. To acquire insights, Cloud manages both internal and external unstructured / structured data. The Cloud Computing focuses on the core areas of the client’s business.

American Tech Vision Solutions LLC’s contribution: Cloud Foundry

Collaborating with the customer’s organization, our business analysts identify, analyze and prioritize the Cloud-business model, which is contextual to the customer’s industry. Focusing on the potentialities of the value chain, revenue streams and products, we offer solutions based on the key findings, analysis and opportunities.

Our professional team of developers utilizes Cloud Foundry. An open platform, Cloud Foundry offers a variety of Clouds, application services and developer frameworks. Easy to use and scalable, the platform gives us the choice to implement frameworks, application services etc.

We do not limit ourselves to Cloud Foundry but recommend platforms after thorough assessment of the client’s business need.

Services of Cloud Computing


Platform as a Service (Paas): For a secure, mutual, environment, PaaS supports deployment, delivery and development of an application that increases productivity. Integrating the data across Cloud and on-premises, it enables the application services to reach a broader target audience.

Software as a Service (SaaS): Accessible by users over the Internet, Software as a Service is a software model, which has applications centrally hosted in the Cloud environment. Using a common delivery system, SaaS reduces costs and abridges deployment.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): American Tech Vision Solutions LLC offers a Cloud IaaS solution that enables easy functioning of resource intensive activities such as testing and operation. Standardizing the client’s infrastructure, and providing integrity of data and processes through a secured environment, American Tech Vision Solutions LLC, Inc offers IaaS that simplifies and standardizes the underlying infrastructure of the business enterprise.

American Tech Vision Solutions LLC’s Process of Cloud Computing Assessment of business architecture:


Assessment of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) challengesAlignment of the appropriate service characteristics to challengesElimination of all non-qualifying ICT resourcesAssessment of the present technical landscapeEvaluation of the appropriate service-level characteristicsSupport by an optimum Cloud service

Defining stage


After the completion of the assessment stages, we work with the client’s business and applications owners to define the following

Transformation goalsAchievement criteriaNeed for analysisChange Control MechanismSpread of capacity analysis

Recommendation stage

The defining stage fabricates a set of recommendations for the business relationship. This focuses on:

RisksImplementation RoadmapCloud Container allocationsUtility storage needsVendor support

Helping customers with an end-to-end transformation, American Tech Vision Solutions LLC, Inc ensures client success with executable strategies.

Established methods to assist the client’s organizationInnovative IT strategiesExpertise in Cloud Computing capabilitiesPreeminent practices to enable cross-functional collaboration in the client’s enterprise.