Product Sustenance Partnership


Conventional software vendors are always looking towards cutting down the cost of their software life-cycle management and version releases. This results in a very significant problem for most vendors and clients. Once a product nears its end-of-life phase or crosses it, all the associated resources with the product get wasted. However, some of these resources could have been used successfully otherwise if the product's sustenance had been given a serious consideration.

American Tech Vision Solutions LLC understands the need to sustain the life of successfully running products. ATVS Enterprise Software Solution team enjoys a good experience with this. However this does not affect the performance and the core activities associated with the products.

Some of the problems that are associated with products nearing their end-of-life phase are:

1.Reduced focus on Business Innovation – key resources may be locked up

2.Sub optimal usage of infrastructure and technology

3.High support and maintenance costs

4.Consistently declining revenues


American Tech Vision Solutions LLC offers full fledged Support and Maintenance solutions for products nearing their End-of-Life (EoL) stage. Right from the basic Knowledge Transfer stage to feature enhancements and managing global customer support,American Tech Vision Solutions LLC has adjusted its suite of EoL services to furnish a one stop solution to all your necessities.

Program Targets

1).Product renovation

2).Company retains ownership and IP

3).Internal staff concentrated on innovation

4).Revenue generation

5).Service cost reduction

6).Product profitability