Product Development


Product development houston is a major wing of solutions thatAmerican Tech Vision Solutions LLC, Inc. has to offer.

At American Tech Vision Solutions LLC, we follow a holistic approach to product development. We understand that successful attainment of product development related goals is possible only when every step, leading to the ultimate objective, is fulfilled. Due to this reason, we have carefully structured our product development services in four stages. While product development remains as the ultimate goal, successful execution of each step ultimately leads to fulfillment of this objective.

Here follows as overview of the steps that Maketick’s Product Development services comprise:

(1).Product Engineering: In this stage, we follow our very own PDLC or Product Development Life Cycle model only to provide our esteemed clients with a guideline to the roles and responsibilities we fulfill. American Tech Vision Solutions PDLC model aims at delivering clients with a comprehensive idea about the ultimate outcome of their product, along with the life cycle steps that the product will contain.

(2).Configuration Management: At American Tech Vision Solutions LLC, we aspire to establish our configuration management service in a manner that it functions as a platform to store all the necessary information, which can be reproduced whenever required. Our configuration management system assists with data updating, eliminate repetitive works, maintenance and controlling different versions of the software.

(3).Technical documentation: Our technical documentation service is an effective way to receive the best benefits from a product, ready for delivery. At the heart of technical documentation service we provide, there are two different end-user support models, namely committed and shared, ultimately aiming at opening a spectrum of communication channels for clients.

(4).Porting Service: The porting service, offered byATVSLLC, is aimed at creating newer market sources along with creating improved possibility for getting associated with newer ecosystems. Our service can be trusted completely in terms of improving product quality, maintaining the quality, improving adaptability of the application with different ecosystems, and improving performance of the application.