Mechanical Services

The Mechanical Services at American Tech Vision Solutions LLC offers a complete range of design engineering, prototyping, volume manufacturing, assembly and test services for complex electro-mechanical systems for multiple vertical markets.

The ATVS Mechanical designers work closely with electronic designers to understand the positioning of heat dissipating components and design units based on their ruggedization requirements.

Power electronics must be thermally managed and physically protected. High reliability can be achieved only through appropriate cooling, screening and physical stiffening/housing. Mechanical designs may range from simple multilayer PCBs to complex fabricated enclosures. The mechanical engineering teams are experts in machined, castings and sheet metal designs with experience in conduction, convection and liquid-cooled solutions.

Designed to operate in rugged markets and applications, the products at American Tech Vision Solutions LLC are not only designed to meet custom or standard form factors but also undergo extensive mechanical design verification testing including vibration, sine/random, bump, salt fog, EMC and HALT.

With extensive design analysis and verification, the products at American Tech Vision Solutions LLC meet unique customer specifications, as well as industry and MIL standard EMC, thermal and vibration specifications. The engineering teams of ATVS collaborate closely with the customers to ensure thorough certification and specification compliance and provide continued support through system performance testing and field use.