High Tech and Advanced Manufacturing

High Tech and Advanced Manufacturing


High Tech and Advanced Manufacturing companies are continuously interested in improving processes and quality, and reducing costs and time to market. They normally work in global industries and need to find ways to compete globally.

And increase sales along the way!High-tech companies around the globe are standardizing on Salesforce.com—including industry leaders likeCisco, Dell, AMD, Symantec, and Business Objects.AppSharkCRM professionals have helped many High Tech and Advanced Manufacturing companies grow their business and be more successful.

Salesforce.com is an ideal solution for those companies with the number one sales and service applications in the market.   AppShark’s solutions are tailored to your needs.  Completely change lay-outs, add fields, activate workflow, and create reports and lists – all with a few mouse clicks.  We also have the integration solution for tight integration with other applications you use to operate your business.

To get 360-degree view of your entire enterprise and even your partner community, you need to provide your end users with the right tools, to gather and consolidate data from disparate systems, and to quickly create and run reports and executive dashboards. The Force.com cloud platform makes these once-cumbersome tasks simpler. You can even use the platform to create your own unique cloud applications to meet your specific organizational needs.

You can add functionality to Salesforce.com with proprietary applications provided by AppSharkCRM or use pre-integrated apps from Appexchange.   We also have significant experience in Supply Chain, Costing and Operations.AppSharkCRM will help you along every step of the way. Please contact us for a free consultation.

 Data and Application Migration and Integration


Migration to cloud computing can be a challenge, but the returns are often substantial in both cost savings and scalability. American Tech Vision Solutions LLC team can do full scale cloud application development, or take existing applications and carry-out all the necessary work to migrate to the cloud.

Force.com dramatically reduces the effort to integrate with either on-premises applications including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, or other third-party solutions and external cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google AppEngine, and Twitter. More than half of all traffic on the Force.com platform is system-to-system integration, making it the most trusted and successful enterprise API in the market.