Applications from Vision to Production

Heath Care providers are receiving lower reimbursements and there is great competition. Regulation in the industry is at an all time high, but revenues are being reduced. Never before has it been important for Healthcare organizations to use technology to streamline process and get the best return out of their investment. helps organizations all over the work drive referrals, develop stronger relationships with their customers and vendors,reduce administration hassles, while increasing revenues and lowering overall costs.

Dashboards, reports and Business Intelligence integration can give you real-time information to guide you toward improvement and allow administration to made good business decisions with rock solid data, pulling from multiple sources of data, but allowing you to share data with the decision makers in your organization.

They’re now using Salesforce CRM and to grow their top-line revenue and shrink their operating costs. Some of American Tech Vision Solutions LLC customers have benefited from the following after implementing Intake

Moving to the cloud means streamlining manual processes and reducing costs. Contact center automation, mobile access, workflows and approvals let you spend less time in administration and more time building your health care business.Engage Patients with Sites and PortalsPatient empowerment is great for health care. Provide your patients with self-service web functionality that increases patient engagement, gives better service, and reduces overall costs.

American Tech Vision Solutions LLC Develops Custom Apps


No need to go through massive customizations to fit the specific needs of your health care organization. American Tech Vision Solutions LLC can develop the custom application that takes care of your organization’s unique requirements and integrate it with for seamless functionality.

Leading healthcare and life sciences organizations everywhere are turning to They’re exchanging the headaches managing hardware and software for real business outcomes,



Sales and Marketing success

Improved Customer Service at lower cost

Efficient collaboration with partners, providers and patients

Custom application development at 5 times the speed and ½ the cost

Now more than ever, the health of your business demands your full attention. Salesforce CRM and will help you do more with less. So you can stay focused on what’s important: creating satisfied customers. Rest assured that is SAS 70 Type II certified and HIPAA compliant. Your data is secure at all times. AppSharkCRM will help you along every step of the way. Please contact us for a free consultation. Data and Application Migration and Integration.

Migration to cloud computing can be a challenge, but the returns are often substantial in both cost savings and scalability. Our team can do full scale cloud application development, or take existing applications and carry-out all the necessary work to migrate to the cloud. dramatically reduces the effort to integrate with either on-premises applications including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, or other third-party solutions and external cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google AppEngine, and Twitter.

More than half of all traffic on the platform is system-to-system integration, making it the most trusted and successful enterprise API in the market. Want to use a licensed integration product like Jitterbit or Cast Iron? We can help. American Tech Vision Solutions LLC staff has decades of experience working on data and application integrations.