IAAS & Deployment Services


For most businesses, it becomes really expensive to create a facility to host internet infrastructure as it requires significant capital & personnel. A high level of uptime can incur significant capex & opex costs to satisfy the demands of an organization for procurement, deployment, management and maintenance of the datacenter. Companies can essentially focus & grow their business as they can rely on the Managed Colocation hosting services provided by American Tech Vision Solutions LLC.

Managed Colocation


American Tech Vision Solutions LLC maintains top-tier data centers in key regional metro areas wherein we have positioned our datacenters at key network junctions including 200 Paul in San Francisco and One Wilshire in Los Angeles. These are carrier hotels that provide extreme connectivity. American Tech Vision Solutions LLC services include multiple cabinets, custom cages, high power densities, remote hands, and hybrid service models provide our customers with flexible, cost-effective option deployment options.

Blended Managed Services


One more plan inside plummeting Colocation operating cost is leveraging our Managed Solutions. You will be able to count of Maketick to augment your secure Managed Colocation infrastructure with managed servers, managed firewalls and loadbalancers, managed cloud and availability services. Coupled with our Unmatched Service, 24×365 support and fast response times, you can reduce overheads and utilize the savings to deliver your core business value.


ATVSLLC is positioned at key network junctions including 200 Paul in San Francisco and One Wilshire in Los Angeles to provide extreme connectivity. We offer blended transit from multiple Tier-1 bandwidth providers and use an extensive peering fabric. Our network is multi-homed with connections to over 250 networks. We route traffic over major Internet backbones with plenty of network capacity for maximum reliability and scalability.

Advantage with Maketick

ATVSLLC’s Managed Colocation provides the following advantages:

1.Extreme Connectivity in a Carrier Hotel

2.Flexible Colocation Configurations – Custom Cages/Cabinets

3.Best practices deployment advice

4.Blend of UnitedLayer Managed Services